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Clos de Tsampéhro


Blanc du Clos de Tsampéhro


Tsampéhro Blanc seals the union of two emblematic Valais grape varieties: Rèze, a true rarity in the vineyards, and Heida, a worthy heir to the great yellow wines of the French Jura. Both distinguished and well-balanced, Tsampéhro Blanc is a clearly aromatic wine: a singular combination of exotic and spicy notes, with a slightly resinous fragrance, ideally suited to its ageing in wood. The wine's powerful structure means that it is perfectly capable of improving with age, and its vocation as a great white wine for gastronomy means that it can be enjoyed in all circumstances.

Heida offers all its aromatic richness, body and the freshness that is essential to the balance of the blend. Rèze, with its natural acidity and sappy characteristics, acts as the backbone of the wine.

The design

Whole bunch pressing. Careful but gentle settling of the must, combined with good management of fermentation temperatures (18°C to 20°C), produce expressive, well-balanced wines. Alcoholic fermentation takes place entirely in barrels and malolactic fermentation is not triggered due to the cool cellar temperatures and naturally low pH. Staggered and moderate stirring of the lees by rotation of the barrels during ageing (15 to 18 months) contributes to the search for fatness and ageing potential. As the winery is fully equipped with rotating racks, ageing on the lees is optimised by regular rotation of the barrels, leading to good homogenisation of the matter, without violent oxidation.

Ageing potential

Tsampéhro Blanc can be kept for over 10 years, benefiting from the natural longevity potential of Valais white wines and the maturing process of ageing in wood. Its chiselled acidity means it will keep and improve with age.

Clos de Tsampéhro
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